Pete Bolton started his musical career playing ukulele

                                                                                          at the age of eight. He quickly moved onto the guitar,

                                                                                          inspired and influenced as a player by the British

                                                                                         finger style players as well as by the great American folk

                                                                                         and blues guitarists.




                                                                                         Pete is an innovative and accomplished player and

                                                                                         since that time he has obsessively explored and

                                                                                         incorporated into his own playing a huge range of

                                                                                         acoustic and electric styles as well as playing

                                                                                         mandolin and banjo




Pete started performing as a regular booked artist in folk and blues clubs from the age of sixteen and has since that

 time gigged extensively in the UK and Europe playing solo, in a duo and fronting his own roots based five piece

 band. He is currently lead singer, guitarist and banjo player with the three piece Americana band The Alley Cats

 playing festivals and clubs as well as performing solo.


Pete is a qualified and experienced teacher who holds a teaching degree from the University of Exeter. After

 graduating he taught music and guitar in schools, colleges and adult education classes but since 1992 he has divided

 his time between private teaching and performing.


He believes that to be a creative and inspirational teacher it is essential to be a creative and inspirational player and

 performer, so when not teaching or performing he is constantly working in a disciplined way to improve his own

 playing and broaden his understanding of the instrument.




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