Pete Bolton . . . teaching guitar teacher bridlington


Specialist tuition in acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin and ukulele


Pete has been a professional performer and teacher for more than 20 years and still divides his time between teaching and performing. He feels that performing live keeps his teaching fresh and inspiring, as working alongside other performers and with other musicians opens his eyes and ears to new possibilities.

He covers most genres americana, folk, blues, country, bluegrass, new acoustic, singer-songwriter.

Pete is a fully qualified teacher and has taught in schools, colleges and adult education. He devises specially tailored programmes
for children and young learners, keeping things lively and fun. For his adult students he focuses on the individual's personal musical preferences 
whilst working within a progressive and coherent musical framework

People learn instruments for all kinds of reasons so Pete can help you whether you want to:



Guitar lessons

If you are a new player Pete can start you from the very beginning in your chosen style or genre, working in a creative but structured way. 

If you already play he can help you to overcome weaknesses in technique and introduce new skills and styles of playing.

For more experienced players Pete can help you to develop right hand and left hand fluency and can teach more advanced techniques in  flatpicking, fingerpicking and strumming styles.  He can also help you to explore open and altered tunings and create your own instrumentals and song accompaniments.

He is a registered tutor with RGT (Registry of Guitar Tutors) and can offer tuition towards RGT/London College of Music examinations.

                                      Click to listen:              Mrs Saggs 
                                                                             Deep River Blues
                                                                             Let It Be Me
                                                                             Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms


Banjo lessons

Pete teaches 5-string banjo from beginner to advanced level. He teaches both of the two main styles of playing, namely clawhammer and  three finger styles. 

Clawhammer banjo - sometimes referred to as frailing - is a style of playing used in American traditional music. It is a rhythmic style, great for playing tunes and for song accompaniment. 

Three finger style, which is much used in bluegrass music, is another traditional American style popularised by players such as Earl Scruggs. It is also used for playing tunes and for song accompaniment.

For players new to the banjo Pete can discuss and demonstrate both styles, and students can choose to learn one or both. 

                                        Click to listen:               Little Billy Wilson
                                                                                Keep On The Sunny Side Of Life
                                                                                Reuben's Train
                                                                                St Anne's Reel/Green Willis


Mandolin and Ukulele lessons

The mandolin and ukulele are currently enjoying a surge in popularity and Pete can offer tuition in both. 

For students of the mandolin he can teach folk and American styles in which the mandolin is used to play both the melody and chordal accompaniments.

The ukulele is used mainly to accompany songs and Pete can teach the strumming styles that make this a simple and fun instrument to play.



                                                                            Pete welcomes all ages and abilities - his students currently range from 6 to 82yrs! 

Pete teaches from his own spacious teaching studio well equipped with instruments and digital recording equipment allowing students to create a recording of their achievements as well as allowing Pete to record practice material for individual students.

 Pete holds current CRB clearance and Public Liability Insurance.

  All lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis and most students come weekly for either a one hour or half hour lesson.

His current rates are 20 per hour or 12 per half hour lesson.